before you move

A successful move requires careful planning and coordination, both before the move and throughout the process. With this helpful information you can make your move easier, whether you are moving across town or across the country.

How much should I pay to move my stuff?
Click here to get a free estimate.

How can I send out a change of address by computer?
It's easy and it's free, Click here .

How do I get my TV cable, satellite or antenna hooked up?
Click here for a free satalite receiver and free instillation

Where should I buy new furniture?
Click here to purchase new furniture over the Internet or just check prices in stores in your area.

How efficient is the HVAC system I have now?
Click here to find your HVAC efficiency.

How can I upgrade my heating and air conditioning system?
High efficiency heating and air conditioning systems can more than pay for themselves in reduced operating costs. Click here for more information

Should I buy a home warranty
Homeowners face the never-ending issue of home maintenance. A comprehensive home warranty, offered by a reputable firm, can offer protection from the high costs of unexpected home repairs.

How can I upgrade my plumbing?
Click here to find a plumbing contractor in your area.

Does the roof need repair or replacement?
Click here to find a roofing contractor in your area.

How can I add or change a security system?

How do I get free stuff from local merchants?
Local merchants are extremely happy to give you free products and/or coupons to get you to visit stores which are local to your area. Click here .

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