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Monthy debt payments:
Years of Loan:
Interest Rate %
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Conventional Mortage:
EnergyStar Mortage:

Note - for approximation only. Actual mortgage amounts vary based on down payment and credit history.

Advantages of an EneryStar Mortgage:

  • Superior financing - In recognition of the lower operating costs and higher resale value of energy efficient homes, many lenders offer EnergyStar mortgages. These loans feature more liberal financial qualification ratios and reduced closing costs. Use the calculator to see how much more house you can afford if you choose an energy efficient home.

  • Lower utility bills - "Operating costs of an HVAC system are often four to six times the purchase price over the life of the equipment. By choosing ENERGY STAR-labeled products, homeowners can save 20% or more on their heating and cooling bills -- potentially saving the entire cost of the system! By investing in high efficiency equipment, homeowners can realize as much as 15 to 40 percent in annual returns in the form of lower utility bills. That's a higher rate of return than those offered by most CDs, bonds, or mutual funds." (Source EPA)
  • Higher resale value - Two recent studies published in The Appraisal Journal found that each $1 in annual energy savings adds $20 to a home's resale value.


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